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Epig Cleaning Products Limited

EPIG Heavy Duty Bio Oven & Dip Tank Cleaner 5ltr

EPIG Heavy Duty Bio Oven & Dip Tank Cleaner 5ltr

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Epig Food Safe Oven Cleaner
Heavy Duty & Bio for Oven & Dip Tanks
(non caustic)

For use in Dip Tanks or inside the internal carcass of domestic enamelled ovens, simply heat, spray, leave for a minute or so then blade and clean as you normally would.

Dilution levels are always a guide, simply use as much or as little as you need for the job at hand and find your own preferred level of strength. Follow the dilution guide and roughly 5 Litres of Epic Oven Cleaner will make 50 x 1 litre trigger bottles or 500 litres of tank water.

This product can be used on all other areas, including but not limited to hobs, glass and microwaves, but "may" dull shiny aluminium when used neat. This product was classed as an irritant until a recent change in classifications, it is for this reason it now labelled as a corrosive. Yet when diluted correctly can be used on aluminium.  

Developed specifically for professional oven cleaners, our powerful heavy-duty degreaser rapidly lifts grease, carbon and other deposits with ease.

Water based, Biodegradable & and unaffected by water hardeners our Food safe oven cleaner is safe to use on all cooking appliances and surfaces such as metal, plastic, rubber and glass.

  • Enzyme, perfume & Caustic free.
  • Contains rinse off/antistatic additive
  • Aluminum friendly (when diluted - test small area first)
  • Produced under ISO9001

For use diluted in trigger spray & oven cleaning dip tanks.


Trigger spray: Dilute 12:1 for regular use, for very heavy deposits dilute 8:1, Allow a few minutes contact time, rinse and dry well.

Dip Tank Dilution guide: 100:1 (mix to desired effectiveness)

Cleaning aluminium: Dilute 50:1 (test small area first)

Can also be used Neat (not aluminium)

May dull shiny aluminium at high concentrate


Your SDS will be delivered by email link shortly after purchase.

Please note this is a TRADE Product; as such you are expected to carry out your own internal risk assessments from the information and SDS sheet as provided, no liability will be held by Epig Cleaning Products Limited for its use/misuse by the purchaser or other person/s however obtained after delivery.
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