About Us

In 2010 our managing director opened a domestic professional oven cleaning business in Gloucestershire, unhappy with what products were available, after a short time the decision was made to see if a new product could be developed specifically for the purpose of oven cleaning!

These products have now been around for 10 years, used exclusively on the original business and now these are being made available to all oven cleaners in the UK, here, and only available direct from us.

We’re on a mission to supply the best products, at the best prices, beating or matching some quite big competition where we can, offering enzyme free degreasers which are also food safe and biodegradable, we may add to our list of products in future so please make sure to read the specifics of each product and their credentials before making your purchase.

We’re a small business with a passion for our product that you won’t find anywhere else. We’ve developed a range to do the job, each for specific aspects as required to make the job easier for you whilst offering non fuming products which are safe to use day in day out (you should always wear your PPE regardless).

We don’t cut corners or costs. There have been huge price rises recently (2022) in the costs of surfactants and general ingredients and our prices reflect this, however should there be a time these costs reduce, our prices will to, thats the commitment we make to you.

We hope you enjoy using our products as much as we enjoyed the process of their conception and reading your reviews when your happy with the results

You can shop our entire range and order online only.

Spend over £200 and delivery is free.