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Epig Cleaning Products Limited

EPIG Dry Paste 5kg

EPIG Dry Paste 5kg

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Epig Oven Cleaning Paste 5KG
(Raw Ingredient for Mixing)

Dry Paste?! I hear you shout, that don't make any sense! and you would be absolutely correct, as it's not a paste, not yet anyway.

All cleaning pastes contain an abrasive additive, it's what makes them effective, it's that part which adds the required cutting power you're looking for, the rest in the product is simply padding to stop them drying out or to fragrance them. We've often had customers surprised to see local bargain shop products as part of our kit. So heres the chance to make your own, or to improve on others you're already used to and would like an increased effectiveness.

Inside this bag you'll find 5kg of high quality graded quartz silica flour, pure and simple with nothing added, packaged inside a liner inside the bucket.

To use is simple, firstly, you should read your MSDS and make in small batches being careful not to drop or creating a dust cloud, inhalation risk.

You can use neat, yes neat as one option, simply mix prior to cleaning with water or an EPIG degreaser in a small batch, squash ball size is more than sufficient for an oven.
Add to the oven when you're ready to scour and watch your job become much easier

Alternatively take another high street paste, mix our "dry paste" 50:50 into these and greatly increase their effectiveness, remembering to take half out the tub before you start of course.

This is a 100% natural product, present in almost all abrasive pastes, we've just simply stripped them back to basics and taken the bit that works.

5kg pales/buckets are available and can be bought separately. 

Your SDS will be delivered by email link shortly after purchase.

Please note this is a TRADE Product; as such you are expected to carry out your own internal risk assessments from the information and SDS sheet as provided, no liability will be held by Epig Cleaning Products Limited for its use/misuse by the purchaser or other person/s however obtained after delivery.

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