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Silverline Composite Blades 100pk

Silverline Composite Blades 100pk

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For those times when there's something you want to remove and know a blade would do it in seconds, but also know a regular metal razor will scratch.

Paint splashes on extractor hoods, thick greasy buildup on underside of control knobs, removal of excessive adhesive from doors by an overzealous repair engineer, these will do those jobs when you want an edge that won't mark, scratch or cause damage to fragile surfaces and coverings

Durable, multipurpose blades for removing paint, adhesives, silicone and other residue. Ideal for cleaning oven surfaces, windows and other hard areas. Can be used to open mobile phones and tablet housings during repair.

  • Durable composite construction
  • Multi-purpose & extremely versatile
  • Removes paint, adhesives, silicone & other residue
  • Cleans oven surfaces, windows, misc hard surfaces
  • Helps open mobile phones & tablet housings for repairs
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