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Rolson Rechargeable 3w COB Torch and Lamp

Rolson Rechargeable 3w COB Torch and Lamp

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The Rolson Rechargeable 3w COB Torch and Lamp has two functions – there is the traditional point and illuminate torch. While it has a brighter3W work light with a wider light spread.

The light function cycles through off – torch – work light giving you full control over the light output.
The unit comes with an adjustable stand – a belt clip and a strong magnetic base for fixing to metallic surfaces for hands-free use. it also has a hanging hook that folds into the body. The body is constructed from resilient plastic.

Features & Benefits:
  • 3W COB – 150 lumens
  • 1W LED – 50 lumens
  • 1200mAh li-lon battery
  • Charge time 3 hours,
  • Working time 2.5 hours
  • Light Mode – 1W Top lamp
  • Light Mode – Front Light 3W
  • Colour Temperature 6500K
  • USB Input – 5V 500mA
  • Product Dimensions – 155x40x28mm
  • Pull out swivel hook & belt clip
  • Strong Magnetic base
  • comes with USB charging cable
Open mini USB cover. Connect USB charging lead. During charging the indicator lights will flash. When fully charged indicators will stay constant. Removed the cable and secure the USB charging port.
Do not use while charging.

150mm x 40mm x 30mm
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