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CleanPro Stainless Steel Scourers pack of 10 Medium

CleanPro Stainless Steel Scourers pack of 10 Medium

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Our favourite Scourers by a quite some way, not cheap, but in our opinion definitely worth it

You'll find these for sale on our site at the same price as your local well known wholesaler, we can't save on the cost, but we can save you a trip!!

Instructions Rinse and drain after use, allow to dry thoroughly. Do not leave scourers in water or detergent. Do not use on delicate or non-stick surfaces.

WARNING: Rubber gloves should be worn when using this product. Do not allow scourer to wrap around fingers or hands. Please rinse utensil thoroughly after using the scourer. Plastic bags can be dangerous. To avoid suffocation, keep this bag away from small children.

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